Recycled cotton

Recycle Yarns with GRS 4.0 Certificate

We have our own brand named RECCA only for promoting recycling concepts. We are the first concern in South India, producing recycled cotton yarn in Ring spun. We are using post and post-consumer garments cutting waste by opening the waste and mixing it with virgin/organic/BCI cotton

Our own Standard blends


70% virgin cotton with 30% recycled cotton, suitable for solid color. Count range below 30’s.


60% recycled cotton with 40% recycled poly (pet poly).


This is the 100% recycled product in Ring spun. COUNT RANGE BELOW 34’S COUNT. We have our own opening the fibre unit and spinning mill altered to recycle yarn producing in low RPM.


We regularly supply yarn to LEVIS, DIESEL, LUR, ARVIND DENIM, ARVIND WEAVING AND ARVIND KNITTING, Toad & Co, North Face. We also produce recycled cotton yarn with Denim waste (Blue, Black) and produce Mélange for knitting and weaving up to 40’s Count.

Recycled OE – Coloured Melange Yarn

We are producing colored and white OE yarns in 70% recycled cotton with 30% recycled polyester Solid Colors and Mélange Yarn. We can spin up to 30’s Count. All with GRS 4.0 certificate. We can supply 2/30s, 2/20’s, 16s 10’s

We are the supply chain partners for Levis recycled knitted Cotton & Woven Fabric. Levis T-shirts are available in all the stores across India. We are supply chain partners for Levis and the T-Shirt are available in the stores.


We can supply pure white recycled cotton fiber with PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and PRE Consumer Waste (Cotton clips waste) and colored fiber with GR3 Certification.

Knitted Fabric

By using the above yarns, we can give finished fabrics – ready to cut.

Woven Fabric

We use 2/30 / 2/30 with dyed yarn producing Yarn Dyed apparel fabrics.


Twill weave
Plain weave
Herrin Bone


We manufacture with recycled white fiber in Ring spun in two blends


70% Virgin Cotton / Organic Cotton / BCI Cotton + 30% Recycled White Fiber (With CSP of 1800). Count Range up to 30s.


60% Recycled Cotton White Fiber + 40% Recycled Pet Polyester Fiber (With CSP of 2300). Suitable for Yarn Dyeing and Weaving. Count Rage up to 34s.

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