Biodynamic Cotton

Biodynamic Cotton Project

Anandi Enterprises is perusing biodynamic cotton farming with DEMETER Certification to inculcate sustainability in the textile industry.

Our vision is to produce sustainable and organic cotton and help improve soil conditions in the project area.

With biodynamic farming the use of chemicals and other soil degrading agents are eradicated which helps with good cotton production.

Benefits of Biodynamic Cotton Production

Biodynamic farming improves the soil conditions and enhances the soil.

Biodynamically produced cotton are eco-friendly, and is safe for textile as no chemicals are being used.

with continuous and timely application of biodynamic inputs reclaims the soil and brings back the life in the soil.

Project Status

Biodynamic cotton project has been undertaken in Salem District.

The project is undertaken in both summer and winter seasons in the project area.

We ensure that all the farmers get proper biodynamic inputs to carry out the cultivation process in the project area.

Benefits for Farmers


Dependency on chemicals drastically reduces.


High market value for the products grown using biodynamic approaches.


soil becomes more efficient in producing crops, hence yield increases.

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