Fairtrade Cotton

Fairtrade Society

Anandhi Texstyles has a Fairtrade Society of 1000 farmers in the name of “ANANDI FARMERS ASSOCIATION – PALAMEDU“ as CP (Contract Production). Another Fairtrade Society of 1000 farmers in the name of “ANANDI FARMERS ASSOCIATION – PICHAMPALAYAM“ as CP. All these societies are registered under SECTION 10, CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF SOCIETIES, TAMILNADU. The Fairtrade Premium is an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

Our Programs

The Program is implemented with a view to address trade imbalances, besides offering traders, retailers and ultimately consumers, a powerful way to contribute to impacting the lives of many disadvantaged producers & and laborers. It promotes agricultural, socio-economic development and environmental safety.

Battery sprayers

Providing Hearing Aids

potable water to school children

Smart school building construction

Soil Testing

Provide seeds to the project farmers

Fairtrade Activities

Fair Trade training to farmers

Farmers are trained on fair-trade standards with special reference to Organic Farming, Conservation of biodiversity, labour well fare and Farmers Assoication.

Labours training

Labours are trained on fair-trade programme with special reference to child labour, Health and Safety etc., Farmers training is implemented periodically utilizing the services of Madam. ROHINI CHANDRASEKARAN, Programe Officer – India Plus – Fair trade Network of Asia, Pacific Producer.

Fairtrade Premium

A Sum of rupees Rs. 80.60 Lakes has been received, by Anandi Farmers Association Palamedu from Anandi Enterprises – Tirupur Till Mar-2021.

The following development activities have been implemented by Anandi Farmers Association Palamedu, Utilising Fair-trade premium with the support of Anandi Enterprises, Tirupur.

Our Certificates